Camp Reflection

The best part….

Of camp was the flying fox, giant swing, night time activities and enjoying spending time with my friends in the cabin. The giant swing and flying fox was one of my favourites because I got to go up high in the air on a harness and come back down in fun ways.

The funniest thing was….

When people in my cabin were acting crazy before we went to sleep and another funny thing was when people fell into the mud during the trust exercises.

The hardest part was….

Walking up and down lots of hills to get to our activities and the activity that I found hard was bushcraft because when we were building our shelter we didn’t have enough sticks and our shelter wasn’t water proof.

Something I learned….

Was how to do archery correctly and that it is important to trust everyone around you to complete activities.

Someone I got to know better…..

Was Kitty because we were in the same cabin and activity group. I think that we got to know each other better because we worked well together in our activity group and had fun.

Something that surprised me…..

Was what the camp looked like compared to photos and what the activities were like compared to what people have told me it felt like.

Most memorable part….

Was the campfire and disco because they were both fun and we got to sing lots of songs that everyone remembers.


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