Landfill BTN

Today we watched a BTN video on how rubbish makes its way to landfill. First we put the rubbish in the bin, then it gets collected by the rubbish trucks, the rubbish trucks then take the rubbish to landfill. Landfills are usually far away from where people live because of the space they need for the rubbish. I learnt from the video that the waste it berried 16 metre under the ground. There is about 8 layers of rubbish in that space with a layer of soil in between. Landfills usually last for about 50 years before they have to find a new site for the rubbish. After we finished watching the video we played a drag and drop game to put the right things in the right bins. The bins we had in the game were a rubbish bin, recycling bin, organic bin, compost bin, worm farm and kitchen caddy. We had to think of it as real life and which bin things can go in. But a question we need to be asking ourselves is how can we reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill? Some things we can do to minimise the things ending up at landfill are reducing, reusing and recycling.


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