Fur Seals


Fur seals are a type of seal that live in areas like Macquarie Island because of their coastal waters, oceans and rocky areas which are the fur seals main habitat.


Fur seals have large eyes, a pointed face with whiskers and sharp teeth. Fur seals have sharp eyesight and very good hearing. They have small ears, unlike some other types of seals. Fur seals can grow from 135cm to 227cm long.

Food & Prey

Fur seals spend a fair bit of time living underneath the water because they are such great divers and swimmers. They especially have a large food range in the ocean. Fur seals eat different species of fish, squid, birds, and tiny shrimp-like krill. Fur seals find lots of their food underwater but they also have predators down there too. Fur seals main predators are sharks.


The Australian fur seals are found between Victoria and Tasmania and small patches off the coast of New South Wales and South Australia. The Australian fur seal is the largest fur seal found in Australian waters. There is also quite a lot of fur seals living on Macquarie Island including the Antarctic fur seal, Subantarctic fur seal and the New Zealand fur seal.


The fur seals are a very original type of seal in Australia and they are being looked after well on Macquarie Island with other animals too.


Macquarie Island – Macquarie Island is an island halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica.

Krill – Krill live in the ocean, they are small and are shrimp like.

Predators – A predator is an animal that naturally preys on other animals.









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