Inquiry Reflection

This term we have spent lots of time working on our inquiry unit which is the Australian History of federation, democracy and government. My understandings of the history of Federation, Democracy and Government has grown so much over this term. Towards the start of the term we learnt a lot about the three stages of government which are federal, state and local. We learnt about what each stage of government looks after in Australia. For example one of the local governments jobs are picking up the recycling and rubbish bins. The most exciting part of our inquiry this term for me was our excursion to Parliament House. At the Parliament house we did a roll play in the lower house on how to pass a bill. This helped me understand and helps me remember how to pass a bill. To pass a bill first you debate about it in the lower house and if the “I’s” win the debate continues in the upper house. If the “I’s” win the debate again the papers go to the governor to be approved. After visiting the Parliament house we did our own debate in the classroom. From the debate I learnt who speaks in what order and what each speaker is to say. As well as learning about how things go through Parliament, everyone in the class chose an Australian political figure to research. The main question was how they made an impact on Australia in politics. I researched May Holman and found out how and why she became the first labor woman parliamentarian in Australia. I have learnt many things this term and can’t wait to learn more about our new topic next term.


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